Careerlinx 2018 Projects!

Helping disadvantaged South Africans bridge the gap to be more competitive in the working place…

Carpe Diem -Seize the day. It is such a privilege to have watched the impact on young adults lives. We thank God for his provision, the incredible partners and donors He blessed us with, a fantastic Careerlinx dream team and the lovely unique individuals that took part in our training interventions.


Careerlinx Adult based English Literacy Training

Forty young adults enrolled onto Careerlinx Adult Based English Literacy training, and we are so proud to be able to take a moment and focus on our, to date, 100% pass rate with an increasing number of students achieving merits.
February 2018 AET Literacy group – 20 students.

Aug 2018 – Graduation for Feb 2018 Students

Our Aet Literacy Graduations are always filled with fun and laughter as we celebrate the results of hard work done by students, Careerlinx team and have the opportunity to say thank you to our donors Container World, represented by Craig Roodt – Financial Director and Terri Clapperton, the then CSI Manager.

September 2018 – Career Day

Students were taken on a day trip to the Blue Roof Career Centre to take part in a Career guidance program developed by our board member Jennifer Higgs.They completed a psychometric test which helped with guidance on career choices and researching suitable careers. .

August 2018 – AET Group 20 students

Ten of the February students were enrolled onto the next level of AET Literacy training in August 2018, with ten new students joined and they all passed their exams. We held the Graduation in January 2019.

Nov 2018 AET Graduation

TDP – Accredited Work Readiness Learnership

Careerlinx launched an accredited work readiness learnership and five unemployed Young Adults from our Adult Based Literacy programme transitioned onto the learnership in October 2018.

It was so exiting launching our next step for unemployed beneficiaries that have completed their AET Literacy training through Careerlinx. The journey of observing the impact on them throughout the whole process has been heart-warming. They are being empowered to take next steps and have hope, which fills them with confidence for their futures and we are trusting God that as we have started this journey with them we will see them move forward in leaps and bounds However, given the levels they have started on it will not be an overnight journey but a step by step one.

October 2018 Learnership Students – Induction

We had an induction day with our first 5 learners sponsored by Container World. As it was a small group we held the induction around the Careerlinx boardroom table. The students were all given an opportunity to express why they were attending this training. The consensus from all of them was that they are so demotivated sitting at home and doing nothing and feel grateful to be busy and learning. The stipend they receive is also a lifesaver as most of their families are on the breadline. We also went to do a site visit at a crèche in Embo where most of them were starting their work experience in October.

Four of the students started their work Experience at Ikhwezi crèche and one started at Hillcrest Aids centre in October 2018 and continued work experience until their next block training in Feb 2019.