Careerlinx Business Services Highlights in 2017

It has been an incredible year where we set of on a journey with many mountains to climb and what an incredible journey into the world of Training and Education. The milestones reached and success to date is our God giving us favor and this amazing Careerlinx team that I have been blessed with. Fondly known as the dream team!

Carereerlinx team with Principal Phumzile Bhengu volunteering at Phosani Primary School Embo

Journey highlights…

AET Literacy & Numeracy Pilot project – Umaluzi Accredited

In order to address the bottleneck into earning opportunities that our unemployed young people on our Careerlinx Empowerment Solutions NPO database experienced, we applied for grant funding to develop training courses in house. We managed to get a supplier development grant which enabled us to launch our AET Literacy & Numeracy services.

We are incredibly grateful to Container World for believing in our dream and having such a heart and passion to be part of solutions to uplift the communities in our beautiful South Africa. They are a bright and shining example of a company that partners with Non Profits and small business to make a positive difference in building towards a stronger South Africa.

As we came to the end of our pilot we were so happy to have managed to pioneer the pilot project roll out and implement it successfully and have all the beneficiaries pass some with over 80% & 90% pass mark rates external benchmark exams in October 2017. Read more..

We also embarked on a journey with three of Stefanutti staff members who required AET English Literacy & Numeracy training. Dealing with the Stefanutti HR staff was very inspiring as they believed in the dream Careerlinx has and supported us by giving us the business. Supplier Development and Social Investment rolled into one. Very heart-warming to see their investment in their staff members.

For us it has been and is such a privilege working with their staff. Quite different from the young adults we did our pilot with we started a journey with three amazing men who has only completed standard 2, but due to hard work and diligence over 10 to 15 years been moved up the ranks at their company. Their delight in discovering the English language and how it empowers them to perform and communicate more effectively in the work place has been a humbling and precious experience for us.

We are back with them in 2018 and embarking onto the next level of AET Literacy and introducing Numeracy. We also had a man join us this year that has been earmarked to be promoted only to discover that he has never been to school period. Having started the journey of AET English literacy with him this year has blown our minds as this man in his 50 ties is an astute and talented student hungry to learn. It is our opinion that if he did have the opportunities of school and tertiary education he would have been an academic of note. It is a very heart-warming journey we are walking with him as the world of learning is opened to him.

Business Administration Learnership

Careerlinx conducted Business Admin Learnership for small group staff from Container World, Shave Paints & Careerlinx in our board room at Careerlinx Offices. It was with great delight that all our students were found above average competent and awarded Seta certificates.

Careerlinx also in joint venture with Lead HR got awarded a Business Admin Learner ship with 37 GreenABLE beneficiaries in 2017.

GreenAble students hard at work

Psyco Social and Work Readiness Training

We researched and developed strategy and training materials for psyco social and work readiness and started accreditation process with ETDP Seta.

Our team ended 2017 exhausted and deeply satisfied of milestones reached full of expectation that as we go into 2018 we will build and grow on the foundations laid.