Our Journey 2016 – Empowering the Unemployed

2016 was a challenging year for Careerlinx and we are glad to say that in spite of the huge challenges we  managed to have an impact on the unemployed beneficiaries in the disadvantaged communities we work in.

When we started out on this journey as an emerging non-profit to empower the unemployed youth in KwaZulu-Natal, it seemed so simple – working with the unemployed youth from disadvantaged communities by interviewing, assessing and registering them onto our database, providing a one page profile CV that we can send out to prospective employers. We had complete confidence that we would be able to register the unemployed and place most, if not all of them into meaningful employment.

Careerlinx 2016 with Unemployed youth

Once we had our primary mission foundation built, we then aimed to address the lack of numeracy and literacy skills of the majority of candidates we work with.

As we rolled out our project and confronted the realities of unemployment amongst the youth in South Africa, we were often left feeling that were working in a seemingly hopeless space with overwhelming odds against successfully reaching our goals. However, we were not prepared to sit on the sidelines and write people off because they weren’t easy to help. As a result and in spite of overwhelming operational and funding challenges, we managed to connect a number of unemployed candidates from over 33 KwaZulu-Natal communities with both employers and earning opportunities.


We also managed to develop and put in place good implementation processes in order to deliver a good service to our unemployed beneficiaries, the non-profit organizations and the large corporate companies we work with.

The greatest challenge we face in implementing our programs is quite a universal one in the non-profit world. Inadequate staff resources and funding versus the overwhelming need for intervention required in the youth unemployment space results in our impact not being as effective as we would like it to be. However, this hasn’t and will not stop us from doing the best we can with the resources that we have on hand.

We continue to believe it is the responsibility of individuals, corporates, government and non-profit organizations to join forces to address the issues of youth unemployment in South Africa. Without interventions, this will become a vicious circle. Youth that earn through employment are the consumers of the future, without which companies and the broader economy cannot grow.

Hence, we remain committed to building on the foundations that we have laid as an emerging non-profit organization working in the youth unemployment space. Our interventions will continue to be specifically aimed at the entry level unemployed youth where few have matric, basic numeracy, literacy, computer and soft skills.

Careerlinx WorkReadines Training certificate handed to candidates by Wayne Fyvie (GreenOffice)

Careerlinx Work Readiness Training with GreenAble Candidates
Sharon Joubert, (HR Manager – Green Office), Lucas (Supervisor GreenAble), Rachel Engelbrecht (Executive Director Careerlinx), Raj Moodley (Careerlinx Training Facilitator), Bevlen Sudhu (Operations Manager GreenAble), Wayne Fyvie (Managing Director Green Office)

In essence, we have only just begun. The process of registering candidates onto our database for employment facilitation is just the first step. Before we connect them to opportunities, we need to identify and address the lack of skills and basic knowledge that will enable this future generation of South Africans to not only be able to function in the workplace but gain marketable skills and ultimately careers that will enable them to become  effective contributors to the South African Economy.

As part of this strategy, we established Careerlinx Business Services (Pty) Ltd, a 100% Black South African owned company (which will have a 1 BBBEE status in terms of South African regulations) with a view to supporting and providing a self-sustained income for Careerlinx Empowerment Solutions (Non Profit Company NPO & Section 18A PBO).

We believe that this company will not only be able to facilitate skills training for the business sector which is required, by law, to invest in skills development in order to qualify for large contracts, but will also provide some of the on-the-ground skills resources needed by our non-profit organization.

Impact Employment Facilitation Projects Jan 2013 to December 2016

Interviewed, counselled and registered 3508 unemployed youth from over 38 underprivileged communities in and around Durban on Careerlinx database with the view of connecting them to opportunities.

We were able submit 1190 candidates to prospective employers of which 620 beneficiaries were interviewed by prospective employers and 523 were placed into employment and earning opportunities.

It is to be noted due to financial constraints and lack of staff resources Careerlinx was not operational from April 2013 to May 2014.

It is a honour and privilege to serve in this mission we have to empower the unemployed as we continue the work in 2017