Empowering disabled unemployed individuals…

It was a privilege for Careerlinx to spend two days with GreenAble unemployed disabled candidates. We conducted some work readiness training specifically focusing on CV preparation and how to prepare for job interviews as well as handle themselves in the interview. We also added some work ethic and successful job seeker tips.


Careerlinx is committed to form a link in a chain where we offer Non-profits and unemployed candidates a service where we profile candidate’s for work connection, registering them onto our database with the view of connecting them, to gainful employment or other earning opportunities. We also compliment this service by offering their candidate’s job readiness training, starting with a short introduction which can be expanded to a 10 to 15 days Work readiness programme that focuses on equipping them to successfully transition into a work place environment.

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We enjoyed the time with these candidates who has just completed learnership training with the non-profit green Able whom have an incubator model for previously disadvantaged disabled individuals. The incubator model sees people being brought into the project where they are given work experience through working on the production line where toner cartridges are stripped and dismantled and parts are then sold off to generate income for the project.  Some components are also sold to make up other products.  They also attended learnerships, in GETC Transport, Business Administration/Business practice. This results in skills gained primarily in production environment with some administration skills.

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