30 days left – Donate R100 in the next 30 days and Help us Get SA Youth

We would appreciate it if “YOU ” can donate a once off R100 in next thirty days starting 30th July and ending 30th August and also spread the word for us and motivate colleagues, friends and family to donate – Help Us Get SA Youth Working!
How to donate: Go to www.careerlinx.co.za/ and click on make a donation
Careerlinx was created to bridge the gap between South Africa’s unemployed youth and companies wishing to employ some of them. We create the link between young job seekers and companies by screening, identifying and helping to provide eligible young job seekers with basic skills to make them more employable. This seems to be an impossible situation but we are not sitting on the sidelines. So in order to continue our services to the unemployed we ask you to support our interactive campaign that will enable an individual to make a difference with a very small donation
Neville Pillay - Radio Lotus
Neville Pillay – Radio Lotus
Hear a bit more about us and he R100 campaign below, Lotus FM DJ and comedian, Neville Pillay, interviewed Rachel Engelbrecht, Executive Director and founder of Careerlinx Empowerment Solutions non profit on 16th June 2016 Youth Day regarding their services to unemployed youth in Kwazulu Natal South Africa.

To listen to the interview click  on play icon below….[audioplayer file=”http://careerlinx.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Clyp-InterviewCareerlinx-empoweringthe-unemployed-youth-rachelRadio-LotusNeville-Pillay.mp3″]

R30 more days to support of R100 once off donation campaign – 30th July to 30th August 2016

Over 70% of the 3000 + youth on our database is difficult to place due to the lack of basic levels of English numeracy, math’s, basic computer skills and work ethic skills.

Our country and education system has failed these young people and we are committed to work towards rectifying some of that with our services.

In nutshell we require funding:

To create an employable young candidate and to link him or her to a job opportunity, we need to spend at least R2000.

This enables Careerlinx to:

  • Provide employment facilitation services.
  • Assist in developing basic English,maths,numeracy and computer development skills.
  • Provide intensive work preparation and job readiness courses.
  • Provide counseling and lifeskills coaching which will be optimized through employment of social to implement poverty stop measuring tool.

This means that 20 donors can give a true gift to one desperate young person in Kwazulu Natal.

We ask YOU to help us to do that by donating R100.

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