Help us get SA Youth working….

Go to and click on make a donation

Stats: We placed 523 into employment : submitted 919 cv’s to prospective employers : registered over 3508 unemployed youth onto our database—many of them requiring further skills training before being employable

We would appreciate it if “YOU ” spread the word for us and motivate colleagues, friends and family to donate and interact with us on social media with selfies and a photo of themselves and perhaps R100 when they have donated. Using a # Getting SA youth working

Careerlinx was created to bridge the gap between South Africa’s unemployed youth and companies wishing to employ some of them. We create the link between young job seekers and companies by screening, identifying and helping to provide eligible young job seekers with basic skills to make them more employable. This seems to be an impossible situation but we are not sitting on the sidelines. So in order to continue our services to the unemployed we ask you to support our interactive campaign that will enable an individual to make a difference with a very small donation.

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