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The unemployment crisis in South Africa is dire with a very small example of the latest statistics painting an extremely disturbing situation.

24.5% of South Africans are jobless and looking for work (about one in four).

  • 33.8% are unemployed and are either looking or have given up looking for work.
  • Between 35% and 37% of South Africa’s youth is unemployed.

(Source: Stats SA).

Our deepest concern is that the unemployment rate amongst South Africa’s youth is extremely high and rising with huge numbers of the so-called “born free” generation caught in the shackles of poverty, poor health, crime and gang activities. Of gravest concern is that many young people will become adults who have never worked and no longer wish to even try to find jobs. This will create an ever growing crisis. In fact, we have a huge human tragedy unfolding on our own doorsteps.

Most of us feel completely helpless as, as individuals, we are unable to provide employment. Companies, who are battling an extremely difficult economy with rising inflation and costs, are often faced with retrenching workers rather than hiring staff. Those that are still able to employ entry level workers find themselves faced with a terrifying tide of desperate people, most of whom are unskilled and ignorant of how to operate within the working environment in the first place.

Careerlinx was created to bridge the gap between South Africa’s unemployed youth and companies wishing to employ some of them. We create the link between young job seekers and companies by screening, identifying and helping to provide eligible young job seekers with basic skills to make them more employable. (Please refer to our  our website for additional information.)


Careerlinx relies on both national and local corporate donors for funding. However, because times are tough, our donor base is constrained while the need for our services is growing exponentially.

Although we are one of many organisations trying to raise funds to intervene in a seemingly impossible situation, we are not prepared to simply sit on the sidelines and have come up with a colorful interactive campaign that will enable anyone and everyone to make a difference with a very small donation.

Driven by a strong marketing strategy that encompasses mainstream media as well as an active and extensive social media campaign, we have set out to do the following:

  • Ask individual donors to each donate a once off R100
  • Run the campaign for 100 days, from  15th May to  21st August.
  • Motivate companies to donate towards our campaign – R100 for each of their staff that participates
  • Challenge other companies in similar sectors to meet their donations.


To create an employable entry level young candidate and to link him or her to a job opportunity, we need to spend at least R2000.

This enables Careerlinx to:

  • Provide employment facilitation services
  • Assist in developing basic English, Maths numeracy and computer skills
  • Provide intensive work preparation and job readiness courses
  • Provide counseling support and life skills coaching through our staff. (This will be optimized through the employment of a social worker thanks to this campaign.)

This means that 20 donors can give a true gift of life to one desperate young person in KZN:

  • A job that provides a sustainable income not only for an individual but often for a whole family.
  • A job that gives dignity and hope.
  • A job that stops a young person turning to crime, alcohol or gangs.
  • A job that empowers a young person to better him or herself and gain skills.
  • A job that creates future consumers. Growing the economy for the benefit of all.

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