My life is really looking up because I can see the future ….

Laura student24 year old Lungile Laura Msomi from Welbedatch West is a vibrant and energetic young lady. She comes from a disadvantaged family and often she has had to go to bed without eating anything. As a young adult her family has tried to support her in spite of the fact that they had very little and she has siblings needing care too. “It was very hard for me being an unemployed young adult having to survive and ask for help from parents that hardly had anything” says Laura.

After completing the life skills training at World Changers Academy Laura was interviewed by Careerlinx and connected to the learner-ship opportunity at Labora Shoes, which includes a stipend. “This has been an amazing opportunity for me as I can pay some of my own way and my life is really looking up because I can see a future now and realizing you can use skills and knowledge to develop a lifetime legacy” says Laura

She goes on to tell us how much she is learning about shoes, how they are made from start to finish. She is enjoying learning how to operate the machinery and is seeing the value in it. “There are lots of opportunities here, I can open my own boutique and do some fashion designing then I will have a shoe and clothing store, and can’t wait to get to the practical work where I am sitting at the machines making the shoes myself” she says with excitement

She goes on to tell us how grateful she is for everyone that has made this possible, Careerlinx for connecting her to the opportunity, Labora Shoes for running the programme and the people sponsoring both Careerlinx and this programme. She leaves us with this parting comment “I’m going to work hard and make it worth the money being spent on me. The people here are lovely and the atmosphere is really awesome”