Labora Shoes Training Centre..2013 to 2016

Still working two years later…..2013 to 2016

We went down memory lane again when we went to visit Careerlinx candidates currently completing a learner-ship programme at Labora Shoes. While we were there we also met with some of our unemployed candidates that we placed at Labora Shoes in May 2013. It was encouraging for us to see that three of the unemployed candidates that we placed are still employed there while other placed in 2013 has moved onto other opportunities

Kershnee Chetty


Kershnee Chetty, the visionary and founder of Labora Training Centre learner ship programme, took us through the factory and allowed us to spend some time with our candidates. She also made us very proud saying that the current  January 2016 learner-ship students that “stand out” are the candidates that Careerlinx has sent to Labora Shoes. She went on to say that she loves working with us as we handle things professionally.  We are very grateful for that vote of confidence from Kershnee.

factory 1

factory 2