There is hope for the unemployed youth of today…

There is hope for the unemployed youth of today…

21 year old Lungile Magwaza who has experienced challenging circumstances in her life says “growing up was still a great experience”.

As a little girl, she lived with her grandmother because her mom was working far from home. When she got older, her mom started her own business, opening a crèche and pre –school. Her love and passion for children and community inspired Lungile.

Zamakuhle Creche & Pre-school has been running for 15 years now. During the startup years, Lungile helped her mom on a part time basis while attending school which, she says, was not easy but worth it. “I am so grateful for mom who with a very small income took care of me and my two younger sisters and brother. Helping her was the least I could do.”

Lungile’ s first choice of tertiary study was Marketing Management at DUT but, due to financial constraints, she ended up studying human resources management through the Elangeni FET college.

In order for her to complete her national diploma, she was required to do 18 month’s work experience training. She struggled to find a company that would provide work experience and, for a season, assisted her mom with admin at the crèche.

Then she was connected to Careerlinx by FET College and was interviewed. She opted to volunteer with Careerlinx for three months before they employed her, providing an 18 month work experience training position. “ I  know youth think it’s a waste of time volunteering for organisations, but in my time as a volunteer at Careerlinx, I have gained knowledge, learned to work with people and, because I had the opportunity to prove myself, was eventually hired as trainee.” says Lungile

Having completed 11 months of her 18 month in service training, she has worked with a large amount of unemployed youth, going into over 22 communities in Kwa Zulu Natal. “Working at Careerlinx has inspired me to work with youth and it is now a passion. I want to see youth in South Africa empowered as I have seen a lot of young people in my generation just giving up due to financial difficulties and general disadvantaged circumstances” she adds..

Her parting comment and encouragement to the unemployed youth is: “We are the leaders and the future of South Africa. We may have lost hope, but there is a way to start hoping again. I believe young people can find it together.”

Rachel Engelbrecht her manager at Careerlinx, believes that Lungile has come a long way. “We have seen a very reserved Lungile blossom and come out of her shell, becoming passionate about our work. She has engaged with the youth that we serve. She is a hardworking young lady and is always eager to learn. She is a pleasure to have as part of our team,” she says