From unemployed mother to independent business woman…
8th May 2016
Unemployed and sitting at home for 6 years after I matriculated…
8th May 2016

Careerlinx works in over 22 disadvantaged communities with the sole purpose to be  a bridge between the unemployed  and opportunities as most of them are in a hopeless bubble needing a hand up to show them there are ways out of  poverty and connect them to it. Having built up a substantial varied database of unemployed individuals from disadvantaged communities we found that there are some that do not always qualify for the traditional work environment. This caused us to explore various other avenues and opportunities to connect our candidates. One of these programmes is Clothing Bank who offers entrepreneurship and developmental programmes to unemployed mothers with children under the age of 18. We believe that as long as the person life has changed and been empowered through connection to that opportunity it is as good as and at times even better than a traditional permanent work place placement. It is with great joy that we share some of the stories of first group of over a 120 ladies that we have managed to connect to developmental and entrepreneurship opportunities at The Clothing Bank Durban in 2015.  At Clothing bank they are in a position to earn a substantial monthly income averaging between R4000 to R7000 per month and more, while being developed and mentored in business entrepreneurship, emotional and spiritual healing and parenting skills.We started connecting them to the opportunities at Clothing bank from March 2015 and when we attended the official launch event at clothing bank many of the ladies that has started on the programme has been sent there by Careerlinx. It warmed our hearts and touched us deeply hearing these once unemployed ladies share their stories at the launch and sing praises to God.

Life was miserable but by God’s Grace I can now see a future..



Ntokozo Gebe mostly known as TK a mother of 2 boys has been unemployed for three years sitting at home in despair. “Life was miserable” says TK but “ By God’s Grace I attended job readiness training run by Careerlinx in Kwadabeka, registered with them and they connected me to a opportunity at Clothing Bank”  she continues to say. She tells us how she has regained her confidence and the programme has taken her on a process of inner healing causing her be happier within herself, having learnt how to express her feelings. She is now able to provide for her children and save for the future of her kids with a determination to excel and shine in her ventures.


I am able to buy groceries in abundance for my family..



Mandisa Dladla from Kwanyuswa is a mother who has not been able to find formal employment for many years was connected to an opportunity. “I am so grateful that Careerlinx connected me to the opportunity at Clothing Bank, I am now able to be in control of my life and become independent, paying off all my debts and able to buy groceries in abundance for my family” says Mandisa. She goes on to say that as a person she now is a positive person after having had a negative attitude for many years.



I have managed to send my daughter to DUT to study..



Beauty Luthuli from Welbedate a mother of 2 children who has not been able to find formal employment for many years and unable to provide basic needs for her children. She registered with Careerlinx in 2014 and was connected to Clothing bank opportunity where she is now in a position to earn a substantial monthly income while being developed and mentored in business entrepreneurship emotional and spiritual healing and parenting skills. She thanked Careerlinx for connecting her to this exciting opportunity that has changed her and her family’s life. “I am so excited, I have learned to take control of my life, set goals and even managed to send my daughter to DUT to study” says Beauty who is very proud and grateful for the positive changes in her life.

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