“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” – Monkey Business


Our Values:


Careerlinx Empowerment Solutions Non Profit Company (NPC) was established 25th October 2012 and is registered with the Department of Social Services as a non-profit organization(NPO); as well as with S.A.R.S. as a Public Benefit Organisation(PBO) under Section 30 of the Income Tax Act

Our main objective to alleviate poverty in impoverished communities  to entry level unemployed youth, connecting them to employment, skills and earning potential opportunities.

We specifically addressed the unemployed youth from over 38 communities who for various reasons are not able to connect to job or business opportunities.

When we started out on this journey in October 2012 as an emerging non-profit to empower the unemployed youth in KwaZulu-Natal, it seemed so simple – working with the unemployed youth from disadvantaged communities by interviewing, assessing and registering them onto our database, providing a one-page profile CV that we can send out to prospective employers. We had complete confidence that we would be able to register the unemployed and place most, if not all, of them into meaningful employment.

As we rolled out our project and confronted the realities of unemployment amongst the youth in South Africa, we were faced with seemingly  overwhelming odds  against successfully reaching our goals. However, we did not give up. As a result, and, in spite of overwhelming operational and funding challenges, we have managed to connect an increased number of unemployed candidates from over 33 KwaZulu-Natal communities with employers, skills development and earning opportunities READ MORE

 One of the greatest challenges we face in implementing our programs is quite a universal one in the non-profit world. Inadequate staff resources and funding versus the overwhelming need for intervention required in the youth unemployment space results in our impact not being as effective as we would like it to be. However, this hasn’t and will not stop us from doing the best we can with the resources that we have on hand.

Because our target group is predominantly entry level unemployed youth from disadvantaged communities, we have come across a few other key challenges that we believe ring true for youth throughout South Africa. These need to be addressed and it is our mission to do so.

1. High Unemployment rate in South Africa

The rising unemployment rate amongst South Africa’s youth: Our so-called “born free” generation is caught in the shackles of poverty, poor health, crime and gang activities. The reality is that many of them will become adults who have never worked and have lost hope. This is creating an ever growing crisis in an already volatile political climate in South Africa.

Sadly, the depressing unemployment statistics do not necessarily lead to quick fix solutions. Instead, both companies and individuals are left powerless to intervene in a crisis that seems to be spiraling out of control.

2. Major Work Readiness Gap between first time entrants and the work place

We have found that there is a massive gap between the ability to operate within a work environment and skills development. Without work readiness training young people are ill prepared to enter into a work place. A lack of workplace readiness is often the biggest challenge faced by first-time entrants into the workplace.  A lack of exposure and limited knowledge of the business environment as well as underdeveloped interpersonal or soft skills which are so prevalent amongst young job seekers from disadvantaged backgrounds often result in these candidates not succeeding in the work place despite having potential to develop the skills and the ability to perform the tasks required.

Basic issue such as how to prepare your cv, conduct yourself in an interview etc. only scratch the surface of interventions required. Our candidates need more intensive and detailed work place soft skills preparation specifically aimed at the working environment. This will not only allow them to enter the workplace more prepared but also to understand and comply with rules and requirements within the working environment.

3. Lack of Basic Skills i.e. English literacy, Math’s, basics of admin & computers

We have found that large numbers of unemployed youth lack English literacy skills (the language of choice in the South African business community) as well as rudimentary math’s and computer knowledge, they have little chance of getting a job and or moving beyond even the most basic jobs. As most skills training is conducted in English, they also are not able to attend various skills training coursed effectively.

4. Majority do not have matric

Majority of the candidates do not have matric and even those who do have matric do not have good basic literacy, numeracy skills and as most companies require a matric and conduct basic literacy and numeracy assessments most of the candidates on our database are unemployable.

5. Reality of Areas versus opportunities and affordability

The reality is that many of the candidates do not live in the areas where there are work opportunities where most of their salary would be spent on transport costs,

We continue to believe it is the responsibility of individuals, corporates, government and non-profit organizations to join forces to address the issues of youth unemployment in South Africa. Without interventions, this will become a vicious circle. Youth that earn through employment are the consumers of the future, without which companies and the broader economy cannot grow.

We believe we have just begun. The process of registering candidates onto our database for connectiion to earning opportunities is just the first step. Before we connect them to opportunities, we need to identify and address the lack of skills and basic knowledge that will enable this future generation of South Africans to not only be able to function in the workplace but gain marketable skills and ultimately careers that will enable them to become effective contributors to the South African Economy.


Our Values:

We have open and upfront relationships with a personal touch.

We make a positive difference by being service driven, results-orientated and thorough.

Our Mission:

We are committed to community upliftment and focus on empowering the unemployed and under-employed.

Employment is crucial to alleviate poverty in our country. It is our vision and goal to facilitate and increase employment in the ranks of unemployed through empowerment projects.

Our Services

Connection to Earning Opportunities

Facilitating connection to employment, skills and earning opportunities for the unemployed youth.

Skills Development

Work readiness and AET Literacy & Numeracy training.

How can you make a difference?

  • Donate towards Careerlinx operational expenses
  • Employ unemployed candidates from our Database
  • Make use of our Business Services

Together we can!