No matter what stands in your way, don’t give up….
5th May 2016
Nonhlanhla placed into receptionist position….
5th May 2016

2012 Our very first unemployed candidate placed ….

Looking back at the Careerlinx very beginning it has been so heartwarming and exiting to find out that our very first placement Schebi Ngbubani(Freddie) who had battled to find employment for over a year starting out as a driver at DCB logistics is now more than three years later an owner driver at DCB logistics. Freddie had lost hope trying to find a job and was very grateful when Careerlinx connected him to the opportunity at DCB. He is very happy at DCB logistics and growing from strength to strength. Irene Emery branch manager of DCB Durban said from the start Freddie was an absolute joy to have as an employee and deserves the progress he is making in his career at DCB.


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